International Symposium organized by the Students of the Graduate School of Life Sciences

    Organization Committee

    With one of the largest teams to date, Graduate Students from many different faculties, backgrounds and countries are working together to make this 11th anniversary of EUREKA! an event to remember.

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    Romina Vardapour and Philip Kruber (Chairs)

    Inga Birkholz
    Srikkanth Biyer
    Susanne Bury
    Alina Fichter
    Dominik  Kiser
    Anika König
    Philip Kruber
    Steffi Manig
    Nicole Mietrach
    Katja Ottmüller
    Grit  Pattschull
    Lena  Ries
    Yvonne Ruoss
    Elisabeth Schönwetter
    Karimi Sohail
    Madlen Staus
    Romina Vardapour
    Aravindan Viswanathan

    And the other elder-gods of the GSLS




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